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Tinh Tu LLC is an Exhibitions and Communications was established on October 10th, 2002. Over the years, Tinh Tu LLC has acquired many experiences with a group of creative and professional staffs in organizing Fairs, Exhibitions, Conferences and Festivals at the levels of Provincial, regional, national and Southeast Asia.
Tinh Tu LLC has set work criteria and follow them as the business principle:
"Say what you know, Do what you good at, Serve in person, Success comes immediately"
Tinh Tu LLC is committed and devoted to work with our investors and customers.

Our Services:
- Organizing, scripting, directing and performing festival.
- Organize specialized trade fairs and trade fairs under the National Trade Promotion Program.
- Organize seminars, conferences and product launches.
- Designing, staging and providing services for festivals, fairs, galleries, groundbreaking ceremonies and launches.
- Provide multimedia advertising services.
- Design, and provide printing services.
- Ticketing service, domestic and foreign travel.
- Provide reception, uniforms, gifts.

- Chairman: Lam Van An
- Executive Manager: Ms Ngo Thi My Hiep
- Vice Executive Manager: Ms. Tran Thanh Thuy
- PR Director: Journalist Nguyen Thanh Tung
- Factoring Director: Nguyen Truc Dong
- Vice Sale Manager: Ms. Doan Thu Suong
- Head of Accountant: Nguyen Thi Huong
- Assistant : Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Nhu

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